How it works?

HyperDapp is a browser developer tool for instantly creating & deploying verifiable front-ends for dApps.

The Code Editor

A low-code solution that allows developers to test, prototype, and generate front-ends that can be embedded into any website through an iframe.

The Flow Editor

A GUI editor for defining the logic of how & when end-users will interact with your smart contracts. This no-code solution uses conditional logic workflows to visually illustrate what will be displayed in your dApp throughout a user's journey.

The Flow Registry

Each logic workflow definition is compiled into an immutable & verifiable artifact that is deployed to the HyperDapp Flow Registry. Allowing predictable & secure client-side interactions with the blockchain.

The Interpreter Engine

The Interpreter Engine loads & interprets any flow that is stored as an artifact in the HyperDapp Flow Registry to generate the UI accordingly. The generated UI can be embedded into any website through an iframe.

EVM Compatible

Define your logic workflows for any smart contracts that live on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum or any other EVM-compatible blockchain.

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Binance Smart Chain

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